Natural Skin Care: tips for healthy skin

Getting healthier skin is not contingent upon high-cost prescription medications or obsessive skin care routines. Modifying your daily routine a tiny bit and upholding disciplined cleansing habits can help to add flawless skin to the list of your best qualities. It is often said that good skin is a mirror to our inner health and well-being. Inversely, skin which is affected by skin problems like pimples, dullness, and blackheads shows a sign of hidden problems that our body might have.

Natural skin care comes as a savior to people looking for more natural and long lasting solutions to their skin problems. These remedies usually involve substances that are derived from nature and have no synthetics involved in their preparation.

Wash your face

Always wash your face at nighttime to remove free radicals that your skin accumulates during the day from smog and dirt. Skin restores itself at night and it’s best not to absorb anything but healthy ingredients.

Feed your skin with antioxidants

An “inside out” approach helps create the healthiest skin. Antioxidants protect your skin from skin damage, toxic chemicals, pollution and inflammation. All fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds contain antioxidants. The more antioxidants we eat, the more protection we will have.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink lots of water every day. Water improves digestive health, thus preventing any kind of skin problems such as boils, which usually arise due to stomach problems. Water keeps the skin hydrated too, and prevents development of any kind of lines or wrinkles on it. So drink at least two to three liters of water every day.


Use glycerin to moisturize combination skin naturally. Mix one part glycerin to four parts distilled water and use your fingertips to massage it into the skin. During colder months of the year, try adding a drop of oil (such as almond or lavender oil) to the moisturizer for dry areas of the skin to seal in moisture. Experiment with different types of oils. Some oils are heavier than others, and each oil has its own natural fragrance.

Eat healthier

By avoiding foods that often make your face breakout, your skin will be less oily and more resistant to blemishes. Some problem foods that may cause pimples or breakouts include chocolate and other candy, French fries, fast food, pizza and soft drinks.


First published here: Natural Skin Care: tips for healthy skin

Author: Abby Simpson

Abby Simpson has worked as a nurse since 1997 and had earned a Masters in Science in Nursing (MSN). She believes that truly effective treatment requires personalized programs that are monitored carefully. By combining the best of both medical dermatology and aesthetics, Abby is able to offer her patients with unsurpassed results.

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